Axe General Contractor offers a selection of Impact Windows in Fisher Island to meet your specifications. Our impact windows and doors may aid energy conservation, noise reduction, 99% UV ray filtration, and hurricane and burglary protection. You can trust that everything you order from Axe General Contractor will be trustworthy and of the highest caliber. Our impact windows and doors are made of layers of safety glass with break-resistant coatings. They are made to resist winds and explosions equivalent to a hurricane. Axe General Contractor will measure and install to precisely match the requirements of your window. These windows offer strength and longevity, are made to fit your window openings, are simple to retrofit onto existing buildings, and may be used with ease when building a new structure.


Our Impact Windows for Fisher Island residents are intended to safeguard the most important investment you've ever made: your house. Significant property damage and a buildup of flying debris might result from hurricane winds. Since hurricane shutters may be affixed to your window rather than replacing the glass or frame, installation takes less time and less work. These windows, which offer windows with improved durability and cutting-edge technology, are built using the most recent techniques to give your home greater UV protection.


Axe General Contractors' Impact Windows for Fisher Island provides the best defense against the harshest winds. We have given our clients durable, high-quality, and affordable to install and maintain hurricane-resistant doors and windows. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable services and various financing solutions to facilitate a smooth transition from start to finish. These windows, which offer windows with improved durability and cutting-edge technology, are built using the most recent techniques to give your home greater UV protection. For more details on our window and door installation services, get in touch with Ax General Contractor right away!

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Bathroom remodel projects can vary from simple, which can include things such as replacing a vanity or mirror,

Custom Closet Design & Installation

One of the most basic things that you can do for your home is to have an organized closet.

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Homeowners have options when it comes to flooring installation choices for the home.

Hurricane Protection
Hurricane Protection

The ultimate in hurricane and storm shutter protection and ease. Many of our customers use.

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The very good news is that the value added to your home by an updated kitchen will offset most of the cost.

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Paint is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to improve a home. Color wheels and color families make it stress free for the average consumer.

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It is important to think about how your patio will be used before breaking ground. Will you be enjoying your morning coffee with your spouse? Will you be hosting large family barbecues?

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