At Axe General Contractor in Boynton Beach, we pride ourselves on hitting the target the first time, every time. We are, nevertheless, realists. Even after the documents have been signed, we recognize that parameters alter. We make the change order process as simple and straightforward as possible, and we see it as a chance to fine-tune your project. Evaluation and support of stalled projects, schedule analysis, on-site project clerking and controls, and management of bid packages and construction processes are all part of our services. A general contractor is in charge of all aspects of a construction project, including subcontracting, design, handling permits and inspections, and sourcing building materials and supplies.

Our team at General Contractor in Boynton Beach is kind, clean, prompt, friendly, and, most importantly, informed. We've amassed a comprehensive roster of just the best professionals over our many years in the business. We can guarantee an excellent product with everyone we bring on board for your project because of our tried and tested performance based on previous experience. Over the years, we have created new concepts in the construction field. We've put together an expert team of top architects, suppliers, contractors, designers, engineers and artisans that collaborate in tight lockstep under the supervision of our project manager and designer for the most efficient renovation process possible.

General Contractor in Boynton Beach is in charge of supplying all materials, personnel, equipment like engineering tools and vehicles, and services required for the project's construction. A general contractor frequently employs specialist subcontractors to complete all or parts of the building project. It's critical to get the best expert contractor for your job. It ensures that your remodeling project is done to your satisfaction and gives you peace of mind throughout the process. Hiring someone who "does business the right way" safeguards you and your family from unneeded dangers.

General Contractor Services

From Design to finish, home & commercial remodeling projects

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Flooring Installation
  • Custom Closet Remodeling
  • Hurricane Protection
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • New Countertop Installation
  • Interior Painter  
  • Exterior Painter
  • Patio Remodeling
  • Paint Contractor 
General Contractor Boynton Beach - Broward County, Palm Beach County & Miami

General Contractors

Bathroom Remodel Projects

Bathroom remodel projects can vary from simple, which can include things such as replacing a vanity or mirror,

Custom Closet Design & Installation

One of the most basic things that you can do for your home is to have an organized closet.

Flooring Installation

Homeowners have options when it comes to flooring installation choices for the home.

Hurricane Protection
Hurricane Protection

The ultimate in hurricane and storm shutter protection and ease. Many of our customers use.

Countertop Fabrication & Installation


Kitchen Upgrade - Renovation

The very good news is that the value added to your home by an updated kitchen will offset most of the cost.

Interior & Exterior Painter

Paint is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to improve a home. Color wheels and color families make it stress free for the average consumer.

Patio Design & Remodeling

It is important to think about how your patio will be used before breaking ground. Will you be enjoying your morning coffee with your spouse? Will you be hosting large family barbecues?

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